Sunday, March 20, 2016


When that window has been opened for individuals to look at life from a different view- Do we (all of the sudden) have something in our eye now? Do we look the other way? Or do we stop and focus?
There is an opportunity for everyone who utilizes a mobile device. If you have ever thought "If I only had the chance to be a part of a profitable large global company", the chance is here.
We have the Space Phone 5GS, which is internet ready right out of the box! This phone is perfect for the full-time student, the full-time worker, to the business professionals. Then there is the exclusive Space Station, which fuels your Space Phone 5GS, the 5Ghz signal that it needs to make calls, text, etc. for FREE! Simply connect your Space Station at your home, office and NEVER disconnect it! Your Space Station has a capability of connecting 32 connections & a Wi-Fi mobile hot spot that can connect up to 4 connections. You earn money anytime someone connects to your Space Station signal. Now when you leave the office and your in your car you will eventually leave your service area of your Space Station, normally you would simply connect to 1, 2, 3, or 4G. In a couple short weeks you will have available the all new Space Station Mini. This device will fit right in your briefcase, purse, or pocket and now you get to continue to capitalize on the first mobile network built & owned by us, "the people". The more Space Station's you install the more you earn and the larger the Network coverage becomes. If you wait, this time next year you will feel like guy who sold his shares in apple for basically nothing decades ago and today are worth a very nice fortune!

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