What is unique about mCell 5G's network?

What Makes The mCell 5G Network Unique,  is a break-through technology developed by WOR(l)D, Called mCell 5G,  mCell5G uses the LTE 4G technology shifted onto the 5Ghz Spectrum, offering the opportunity to deploy an mCell5G network in any place in the world thanks to the 5Ghz free (ISM) spectrum used today by any WiFi network. At the same time it offers a faster, more reliable, and more secure Wireless connection than traditional 4G LTE networks. mCell 5G Technology on the WOR(l)D Smartphone puts you on the best available network between 3G, 4G, WiFi and mCell 5G Networks. This means you get access to more networks in more places.

What is the difference between the Space Station 8X and the 32X?

The Space Station is available in 2 versions, 8X and 32X. This is the number of concurrent mCell 5G connections possible on the Space Station. The numbers also represent the amount of “shares” in the Builder Pool Bonus and Offload Pool Bonus reserved to the Consultants who build the mCell 5G Network.


Why is mCell 5G only available on the Space Phone 5G?

The Space Phone 5G is the first Smartphone that supports our mCell 5G Network. It works with the mCell 5G Sim Card, which supports multiple networks, and a state-of-the-art cellular radio tuned to work across network types that is able to use our proprietary LTE-U5G protocol.

This is a new wave.

SpacePhone is the only smartphone that uses our mCell 5G technology to offer you a technology that select automatically the right network for you, combining all the signals currently available in an unique and personal signal. ~4x more capacity and coverage
 2 Cameras? 2 Flash.
When the smartphone has a soul.
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