Wednesday, April 6, 2016


OUR 5GHRZ: there is no special signal, there are NO SATTELITES! as I have stated on NUMEROUS presentations, fabio simply took what was available and made it work differently... its very simple, it works JUST LIKE YOUR CELL PHONE WORKS NOW.. all fabio has done it move the signal from XXX to 5ghrz.. and you have used that every single time you hook up your phone to a wifi in a hotel, in an airport... nothing secret, nothing hidden.. SAME EXACT SIGNAL.. just used differently.
1. base space station: take it out of box, plug it in via the ethernet cable to an existing wifi and it works.. propegating our 5ghrz signal.
2. mini space station: take it out of the box, charge it, carry it with you.. in the 86 countries that we have partnerships with, it will use THOSE PARTNERS 3g/4g networks to then propegate our 5ghrz signal. if you take it OUTSIDE those 86 countires IT MUST be plugged into an existing internet via the ethernet cable, just like the base space station or it will not work
Again there is no special signal, no special anything.. that is why on my webinars I tell everyone it works on the SAME EXACT 4G LTE signal that you use every single day.. its just working differently..
proof, does your existing phone work? if so, then you know that the "cell" signal ie: 3g/4g network in your area is working, thus our system will work

We need to keep this simple folks, or this is what happens.. Fabio is not going to give out his propietary stuff.. it works just like any other cell phone... just on our own "network" meaning FREQUENCY and that just happens to be the 5ghrz,, and some of its channels
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